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My father took pictures for as long as I remember. Making a photographic record of his experiences. I guess, without realising it, I've followed suit. As well as taking photos, I'm also into gadgets and computers. There's something about the challenge of getting technology to do stuff that intrigues me. So with computing and information technology, specifically mobile phones, wireless technology, and combining it all with digital photography.... there's no stopping me.

My photography is all self taught. Not to say that I haven't had masses of inspiration, guidance and support from the 'interweb' community. I've always have a camera with me, which is easy now that cameras on mobile phones are pretty good. Although I can remember having a rant once; 'cameras on mobile phones, what's all that about'... how short-sighted was I.

I am a Canon shooter. Canon is my brand of choice. It could easily have been Nikon... but for the longest time Canon was the brand that caught my eye, and captured my imagination. I set a target for myself to one day own a decent Canon camera. Although my journey took a detour as my first proper digital camera was Fuji, I always knew that I would eventually get to Canon.

I like taking photos... simple as. The collection on this site are a sample of the what I've done so far. l regularly refresh the galleries to make it worth your while coming back. I also regularly upload higher resolution pictures on Flickr and Facebook, so click on the links to see more. Thanks for visiting my site. If you like what you see, please leave a comment, or contact me. I would love to hear from you.


Fred Knox-Hooke

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